VRD Limestone Industry produces and distributes the following products:

Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 – Agri Lime

Limestone that has been ground, washed, and screened for use as soil treatment. The chemical that makes up this product makes it possible for essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to be reintroduced into the ground and for pH levels to be restored to neutral.

Calcium Oxide CaO – (Quick Lime, Burnt Lime)

Is known to be a caustic material that is prepared at approximately 1000 degrees Celsius by burning calcium carbonate limestones, carbon dioxide is forced off at this high temperature and the limestone is converted to Quicklime.

Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2 – (Hydrated Lime)

Is known by several names, including slaked lime and pickling lime. Hydrated lime is calcitic lime that has undergone further processing, which changes the nature of the minerals in the lime.